Testimonials from Sound Healing courses and workshops

“Hara, Just to let you know that Mondays circle did an amazing thing for me. As you may remember I ended up crying at the end because of the song Morning has broken. I had been suffering for a week with horrible pains in my gall bladder region. After a good nights sleep on Monday all pain gone in the morning!. See you next week”.

“Thank you for the amazing first session, I think you created a brilliant energy and it was really transformative”.

Hi Hara, that was a truly amazing experience, followed by a teary Tuesday and achey Wednesday, but very transformational !

A wonderful evening last night with Hara leading us in sound healing session. I felt so awake and alive at the end that I couldn't sleep for hours afterwards. Today feeling sleepy but so impressed with the power of this healing method.


Hello Hara, I'm feeling so much better. I'm sure the session on Tuesday did me heaps of good. I think my soul has been starved of the kind of earth ritual and songs we did. I felt happier than I have for ages yesterday. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Xxxxx



Sound healing came at the perfect time for me, I felt as if I was ready to develop my spiritual practices and really wanted to meet like minded people that I could connect with. The circle was a safe space to go on a journey using the medicine wheel, we chanted on a weekly basis, working on balancing the chakras and raising our vibration - the energy in the room can be rather beautiful - some of the feelings I have experienced through chanting include  feeling calm, peaceful, euphoric and have even shifted some energy and have ended up in fits of laughter. Hara has been so informative and has shared so much of her experiences and knowledge to help us all on our journey. Hara's passion for sound healing shines through in the sessions and I’m truly grateful for the extra support she has offered when I’ve needed it. What’s really stood out for me was the shamanic journey which enabled me to understand why I am fearful of sharing my gift that I have been blessed with. I do not think I would have come to this knowing without going on a shamanic journey and without the guidance from Hara. I absolutely loved laughter yoga and sound baths - I highly recommend these to uplift and to unite with others. Really looking forward to the next spiral.. much love xxxxx


When Hara chants it is like being in a Tibetan temple. Enjoy is not really the word for what I experience in your group. It is more profound than that. Even though I was in pain last time, shift took place in me. My heart whooshed open. It was a safe for this to happen. Thank you again. Ceredwin.


My emotional state when I first received the email about Hara's course was a complete mess and there was a lot of blocks in me which meant that I made every excuse not to make it to the first circle, some of which were genuine physical illnesses which were manifestations of my spiritual illnesses. your healing, YOU and your teachings released all of this,I only shared this to let you know how deep of a hurt I came with and how much you healed me. The thing I liked best was the incredible shifting of negative energy out of my body, a complete removal of major blockage which was 100% transformational.

Just want to re-iterate and thank you from the bottom of my heart that this healing circle experience brought me back home to my heart....my heart had turned bitter and broken and none of my spiritual tools and practices alone were working to heal me from this pain, which is what led me to this circle and the healing that I experienced brought me back to me, to my heart, to my place of sanctuary and love and compassion, thank you, and I am still in my heart everyday and I cannot stop smiling

It has been a beautiful experience and I cannot wait till September when we continue, I can't tell you what a difference it is making to my life – Rachel K



i've found the chanting in particular very helpful for quieting my busy mind - better to fill it up with a healing chant than worry thoughts or things to do list! And I've found all of the practices helpful in grounding and calming me - I suffer from childhood induced anxiety and the circle work in particular helped me to see that I was not alone - there was a feeling of oneness and camaraderie between us. 

I always love your shares Hara - so wise and so helpful in describing how our energies and that of the universe work and interact. Also your honesty, playfulness and total commitment to both sharing these practices and walking the talk.  AP


Below are TESTIMONIALS from participants in PHEW groups who have agreed to take part in an independent piece of research by Liverpool University into the effects of using Transpersonal approach to creating Holistic Wellbeing.

"It is clear that these transpersonal tools have had major beneficial outcomes on a personal level, with regards to interaction and levels of wariness.... " (Independent Researcher - The Sacred Science of Recovery)

“I’ve always suffered from anxiety, and it’s really helped with my anxiety more than anything” (Participant 2)

“… I feel more confident with my communication now and yes I do feel better able to express myself… I’ve been able to say no to people when I’ve needed to… I feel more comfortable in my skin… It’s opened me up” (Participant 5)

“Before I start my day I always try to do a meditation because it helps me to stay more focused and it helps me to keep calm throughout the day… Calmer, more serene. I don’t worry as much, I’ve learnt when I get negative thoughts coming in I shove them out and replace them with happy thoughts” (Participant 2)

“… I’m able to stop and think before acting and that’s the big one. It’s just so easy to unthinkingly react” (Participant 3)

“It’s being aware of your body, …More mentally stable I would’ve said, emotionally stable as well… it calms you down if you’re feeling upset. It gives you guidance and direction in life. It makes you feel calm, peaceful” (Participant 4)

“…it makes me feel better. … I just feel generally happier about life and I just feel more able to cope with the challenges that life brings, I’m less fearful really” (Participant 5)

“…what really the benefit of Amazing Lyfe is to me is, the amount of love Hara, Si and all the people put in to organising… I can’t stress enough the amount of love that’s present… There is no way to quantify that, it’s overwhelmingly wonderful… when you’ve got a community that’s there all the time, there’s a constant feeling of support… it’s like a family really… maybe Amazing Lyfe is creating that family to support you that your own family can’t always. I’ve certainly had a lack of support from mine, so I think this is an amazing facility really” (Participant 4)

I can now understand why I feel a certain way I feel about things, so then I’m able to change it so I can have a more positive, or just a different outlook on something’ (Participant 5)

I think I’ve probably been quite, well not very happy with the world. It’s that question of why am I here… I’m feeling more trusting about what life is all about’ (Participant 5)


HEALING SOUNDS; What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, chanting and making music that cleans your soul. Feeling very blissful and chilled and will take water with my wine at our BBQ this evening. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, gifts and talents.      Linda Williams.


SHAMANISM, CHAKRAS and SACRED SPACE - Nuneaton;  "I had a completely new energy experience!" - Tina

"The vibrational sounds were amazing,you could really feel it." -  Annemarie

"I felt safe, at peace with Hara's techniques. Very positive." - Catherine

"It was BRILL!" - Lizzie

"Very interesting.  Felt the difference in myself after each meditation - thank you." - Leanne

"I had a great time and learnt a lot about stuff that I didn't know." - Lewis


Here are some comments from people who attended Tuesday 28th May talk in Liverpool on Shamanism, Chakras and Sacred Space - and have gone to the trouble of sharing their thoughts on it via email and messages on our facebook page....

"Really enjoyed it yesterday, the energy was amazing. Thank you". x Maria.

"What an amazing evening, the best £5 I have spent in years! I connected with all that was said, it linked to much of the reading I have done over the years but you both explained it so simply and clearly. I may even come to the Heswall meeting! I have been so filled with joy since the session". Linda.

"The energy in the room felt fantastic last night. I even saw a violet orb that was at least 2 foot in diameter float across from the board over your head..... This was the largest orb i have seen and I have not seen a violet one before and it was quite long lasting compared to my other orb experiences. It was quite slow moving to so I know i really saw it. That was so exciting for me as it was so definite my mind was unable to talk me out of it". Tina.


"After coming on the Shamanic Journey retreat I was looking forward to the Soul Retrieval, although a little apprehensive. However, it was a relaxed, supportive environment in a lovely nature setting and the food was gorgeous! 10/10 for retreat, venue, food, value, transformational, content, facilitation.  Highly reccommended." -  Anon from feedback form.


" I really enjoyed the group atmosphere and the hospitality.  I got a huge amount of personal development and healing from the weekend. Thank you." - Anon from feedback form.  9/10


"I'm delighted to have attended this retreat. I've felt very well cared for by Hara and Si and family. Food's fabulous. All my needs met. I like Ruben, glad to have met and worked with him. I'm interested to explore this fascinating subject some more, either with Ruben or someone else.  :) How transformative?  Time will tell, but I think it has been very transformative, I've certainly learnt a lot." - Tom


"Some fresh fruit would be a nice addition to the menu. Weather aside it was a wonderful weekend. Thank you!" - Anon from feedback form. 8/10


"I was a 'newbie' to this kind of event and found it very enjoyable in pleasant, relaxing surroundings (despite the rain!)" - Anon from feedback form. 9.4/10 


"An amazing time. Even in the rain! The toilets took a bit of getting used to, but DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING!" - Anon from feedback form.  9.9/10  10++ for the food!


I had a brilliant time at the Spiritual Awakening retreat with Amazing Lyfe last weekend. I've learnt a very important lesson and it has helped me make sense of why I emotionally beat myself up. As a result I am sleeping better, my stress levels have dropped and still no sign of the tinnitus. Thank you so much Hara and Prema and I look forward to moving forward with all the knowledge you passed on.   

     I thoroughly enjoyed the venue, food, content of the retreat were all fantastic and only let down by our crazy weather.  I found Hara and Prema were really brilliant taking us through all the various exercises.  What I didn’t expect was the emotional effect.  I am a very private person but deep rooted issues came bubbling up to the surface at the most unexpected time.  Maybe that is an effect of all the spiritual cleansing and rebalancing in that any bad energy needs to be dealt with so you can continue on your journey.  It really was an experience that I will never forget.  

♥ PS I loved the camp especially the tipi.                     

  Pauline, Lampeter

“I feel our group discussion on Sunday morning was tremendously healing for all involved. The fact that you were able to hold the space for everyone made it a safe environment in which we could express our innermost feelings. The weekend has shifted something massive for me and things are already transforming on a personal level. It's thanks to your heart, vision and energy that I had such a profound experience at the weekend and I want to thank you again  ….. amazing and inspirational. I am privileged to have met you…"                  Louise, South Wales

I wanted to write a personal recommendation for the unique and incredible service offered by all the team at Amazing Lyfe. Although my disability and ill health means that I have a number of very significant special requirements, from my first contact with Hara she reassured me that these could be accommodated and need not in any way be a barrier to my being able to attend the retreat. This willingness to be so person centred had a powerful effect on me even before the retreat started, as my disability had until that point rendered me both very socially isolated and also unable to make use of healing resources that could have helped me simply due to their being physically inaccessible. 

     The retreat itself proved to be a truly life changing experience, as not only has it lead to a significant and sustained improvement in my health, but has also allowed me to develop a number of deep friendships. The improvement in my health has also meant that I can now participate in the fortnightly local Amazing Lyfe self development circle, which has allowed me to develop connections within my local community and given me a greater sense of belonging and well being. 

     A final word has to be given to the practical aspects of the retreat, which combine together to form an experience which is powerfully supportive of healing and transformation. The centre at Lampeter offers the most stunning sacred natural environment, the delicious food is nourishing to both body and soul and the luxurious glamping accommodation allows an experience of being close to nature whilst in deep comfort. Thank you Hara, Si and all at Amazing Lyfe for all that you do and for the incredible change that you have made to my life.                 Liz, Merseyside


"I went to one of the taster sessions in West Kirby last year. To be honest I was very wary about Shamanism, didn't understand that a Shaman is what in the West we would call a Holy man. I walked into the Hall, no one had yet arrived apart from Hara, Si and Wirikuta, as I sat down in the empty circle of chairs a word flashed strongly into my understanding. I was surprised as it was the answer to a question I had been wrestling with for four years. I realized the space had been so well prepared with love by Hara, Si and the team that guidance and grace was flowing even before the evening had started.
     Later Wirikuta shared an experience he had during a serious car accident (long before he was a Shaman), he was hurtled through the car window, and as he was thrown through the air an angel caught him and gently put him down on the ground. A shepherd (with sheep) came to the scene and helped him move his car from the middle of the road. Later the police told him there were no shepherds for hundreds of miles. I recognized this as being similar to something that happened to me so when I met with Wirikuta later for a personal healing session, I asked him whether it was 'The Shepherd', he said 'Yes', his own Shaman had told him it was, although he hadn't realized at the time.
     In this healing session, Wirikuta suddenly started to give me advise about something I hadn't even told him about. This was such a relief as I had recently had to make a very difficult decision that I was not sure about, his advice really confirmed I had not made a mistake.
     I cannot recommend Amazing Lyfe retreats, and other activities enough, the team provides a very safe and loving space where you can feel free to grow, express and receive love. Beautiful, and thank you to everyone!"  
     HAYSHA ROYKO, Wirral

“This is a quick note to thank you and Si for all your hard work to make those two weekends of the journeying so wonderful.      It truly was a wonderful experience, life transforming.    I think you are a brilliant team.     It's taken till Wednesday to actually come back to earth but with added insights…”              Lindsey, Lampeter

“Just spent an amazing weekend having a solitary retreat.  Food was wonderful and tasty and its not easy catering for a particularly fussy vegan!    Hara and Si made me so welcome and made a gorgeous, snuggly tipi for one.  I leave feeling nourished, rested, peaceful and happy.  Thanks guys, see you next year”.                  Lianne, Leamington Spa

This was a truly transformational experience, even more enhanced by having heard and met Ruben at one of his talks beforehand. I felt truly privileged and humbled to be in the presence of such an experienced and wise mentor who had travelled far to share his cultural heritage. Hearing from other members in the group was also inspiring and connecting. Thank you.      Angie, West Wales

The weekend was lovely.  I really appreciated all the hard work and thought that had gone into organizing it.  Your family are lovely and made me feel really welcome, thank you.  I’d love to come back again and will recommend to my friends.         Sarah, Wirral