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Our Work


Our aim is to promote healing, growth and transformation. We support anyone who wishes to learn how to improve their sense of Wellbeing. The way we do this is by teaching a variety of tools and skills, and by providing a safe, supportive space for you to have experiences that will enable you to create an AMAZING and DEEPER life.

These tools mirror NEF’s proposals to enhance wellbeing - the evidence it all there!

Amazing Lyfe offers one to one therapy as well as group work to improve mental and emotional health and wellbeing. We can come and run a new group with your organisation, or you can attend one of our existing groups. 

We also run retreats, courses, workshops, training days, and school projects; Facilitating and supporting people in creative ways, to promote wellbeing and deeper more meaningful ways of living and working with and on the earth. Our work includes Amazing Lyfe Projects in schools with children and teens; Workshops for adults; and ‘Be The Change’ days, Spiritual Eco Retreats, Creativity and Relaxation retreats, mindfulness and chanting classes for everyone.

Using a combination of psychological tools, movement, creative arts, sound and other means, we help participants learn to really know, understand and accept themselves, de-stress, relax and blossom, so they can realise their full potential.

If you are stressed, depressed, anxious or unfulfilled by your life/work, or in recovery from trauma, addiction, or grief, or even just need a relaxing or nurturing break - we offer something to help you feel great. Based on sound psychological principles, CBT, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, creativity, self knowledge and emotional awareness - these events will help you get back the joy, meaning, purpose and energy to turn it all around through RECONNECTION.

Here is a link to some evidence that RECONNECTION is at the heart of health and wellbeing, as well as addiction recovery.


And one to a video on facebook that beautifiully our shared view of how increasing mental health problems are being cause in young people by the over use of technology.

;   https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152753344339769&set=vb.71760664768&type=2&theater

Promoting Positive Mental Attitudes and Health

Psychological health and wellbeing are at the forefront of all we do. We recognize that challenges to wellbeing are abundant in modern life and we are not usually taught  sufficient adequate tools or skills to meet those challenges. So we have created Amazing Lyfe – the place to get those tools and skills.

All of Amazing Lyfe’s work is especially designed to provide understanding and regulation of the mind and emotions, to enhance your creativity, to help in the realization of your potential and to find meaning and purpose in your life. We provide safe spaces, with group support, and a spirit of honesty, openness, gentleness, compassion and acceptance in order for you to achieve that. These events are not just designed to heal and to prevent psychological ill health, but also to positively promote a high level of health and wellbeing. Using some of the best scientifically supported techniques from many different psychological and mystical traditions, gathered over a twenty-five year period of study and practice, these tools have been synthesized into a coherent holistic approach.

We have found that these practices promote serenity, joy, acceptance, resilience, healing, recovery, stress resistance and provide coping strategies for real life challenges, including combating grief, worry, anxiety, and low to moderate levels of depression. Used on a regular basis they will create deeper, more meaningful and joyful experiences of living fully in the present moment.

Exercises and tools are based on Meditation, Psychosynthesis and Transformational Yoga theory and practice. In addition to this, techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are used, and the work is all rooted in Logotherapy, Authentic Power and Human Givens Theory.

Amazing Lyfe Promotes Sustainable and Environmentally friendly business practices.

The Transpersonal Approach

The Heart and Spirit of our work Our work is grounded in a transpersonal approach. That means that the work is rooted in 5 

1. Everything in the universe is connected and is part of a ‘Oneness’, and we only appear to be separate individuals and separate from everything else.

2. Our sense of an individual, separate self is only an expression of (or manifestation of) that greater Oneness.

3. We can all experience that greater reality or Oneness.

4. We do this by changing the way our mind is working, and shifting our awareness into a state in which we can connect to that Oneness.

5. Once we have experienced the Oneness for ourselves, we don’t doubt its existence.

PERSONAL MESSAGE by Hara Willow MSc, MCOH, Cert Couns, MYAI

I created Amazing Lyfe in 2007, as part of my Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. I created, delivered and evaluated a new type of education curriculum based on mental and emotional healing and wellbeing to be taught in schools. I decided to call the curriculum the “Amazing Lyfe Project” as I wanted to teach the students ways of discovering, creating and sustaining an Amazing Life. I taught this curriculum and studied its effects over a three year period at Hilbre High School Humanities College, in West Kirby, Wirral, UK. A researcher from another university also independently evaluated the results.

The Amazing Lyfe Project stemmed from twenty-five years of study, training and experience in the area of Wellbeing. It began when I started meditating in my teens, and volunteering with Social Services and Victims’ Support in my early twenties. I started my first professional training in Person Centred Counselling in 1988, began practicing Iyengar Yoga in 1994. At the same time I spent several years training at the College of Healing in Malvern, Worcester, where some life changing and intellectually challenging experiences opened my mind to more subtle and mystical experiences. Being a sceptic, I initially challenged, tried, tested and experimented for myself with the new ideas, concepts and possibilities that I came across during my training. These ideas stemmed from the variety of Wisdom traditions and approaches, which were presented to me during that period.

Over the following years I experienced for myself the profundity of a deeper, more meaningful exchange with life and developed an awareness of the SACRED and multidimensional nature of reality. As Einstein said "Learning is experiencing. Everything else is just information".

After four a year training in Oregon, with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis at the Seat of the Soul Institute I began working as a Personal Development Facilitator, and I have been delivering workshops since 2006 and running personal development groups and classes since 2003. I undertook the Masters degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology between 2007 and 2009 and it allowed me to develop a rigorous academic perspective of the connection between psychology and spirit, which I believe is the key to true wellbeing.

After several years of yoga practice I experienced a challenging set of synchronistic circumstances, which led me to being trained as a Transformational Yoga teacher in New Delhi, at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in 2008. I became a certified Transformational Yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance International, which has strengthened and enhanced my knowledge of Eastern Metaphysical Theories that support healing and transformation at the level of subtle and spiritual energies.

As a result of all of this work Amazing Lyfe is now set up as a Social Enterprise, a not for profit Community Interest Company with directors from relevant and specialised areas including a headmistress, a researcher into public health, artists and therapists.
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The People

YOUR FACILITATORS: HARA WILLOW, Personal Statement from Hara

Mindfulness and connection to spirit were essential aspects of my childhood experience and I suppose it was inevitable that I naturally became interested in the subject of psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing over time. I have therefore studied and worked in this area all of my adult life. I began as a volunteer working full time with victims of crime and those in the care of Social Services in my early twenties, then trained in Person Centred Counselling and Healing and worked in private practice for some years.
When I discovered that I was pregnant with my twin sons, I was about to begin training as a psychotherapist, but decided to stay home and raise the boys first. However, I spent much of their early childhood studying psycho- spiritual books such as The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and Seven Arrows, books by Roberto Assagioli, Abraham Maslow, and in particular Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Dr Kubler Ross’s main area of work and study was death, dying and transition into what she described as the ‘non-physical realms’. I was particularly interested in this area as I lost both my parents to cancer during my twenties.

This also led me to want, even more, to find ways to make sense of life and to help ease the suffering I felt inside and saw all around me.

I turned to spiritual practices including Shamanic, Buddhist and Hindu methods in order to find peace, acceptance and meaning in my life. I needed to use these tools even more when my husband was diagnosed with a potentially terminal brain tumour. I found that meeting life’s challenges with faith, courage and acceptance, rather than fear, doubt and denial allowed me to open up to them, move through them, learn from them and grow in compassion and empathy towards others and myself as a result. I also learned how much strength and potential reside in the human heart, mind and soul.

As my children grew I studied and practised yoga and meditation regularly and continued with the other spiritual practices at various times. I trained at the College of Healing in Malvern and as my consciousness expanded and my perspective changed I began to notice how many lives around me appeared to lack meaning, how many people lived out of touch with their inner being and their true needs, and were often lacking in authenticity and integrity. This seems to me to be a reflection of the times we live in, i.e. the effect of living submerged in a superficial culture and a spiritually and emotionally impoverished society. I also noticed what low levels of wellbeing people experienced in comparison to the richness of shelter, food, warmth and comfort we have attained. Moreover, I saw how much potential we have as a species and yet how we in the richer countries continually fail to balance our ever expanding technological advancement with appropriate levels of humility, appreciation or morality in relation to the earth and those who have less than us. I asked myself why.

I began to look at what was lacking in our education systems particularly at how we prepare our children to live in the world. I noticed that we don’t teach our children how to understand and regulate their emotions; how to cope with pain and life challenges in ways that increase growth and enhance wellbeing; that we don’t teach compassionate, tolerant, co-operative ways of being, or how to be truly happy and grateful with who we are and what we have. Instead our culture teaches us to avoid pain and be selfish, greedy and egocentric, whilst constantly feeling insecure and unhappy with who we are. I decided to use all I had learned to create a loving, educated and compassionate response to what I saw around me. I decided to begin by studying more.

I trained in the US in Authentic Power at the Seat of the Soul Institute, where I took a course that ran over four years, learning and practising on a daily basis more skills to enhance wellbeing. As a result of this I began to formulate a plan to create a complementary education curriculum. In 2007 I attended Liverpool John Moores University and took a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology, where I found the vehicle to develop this education programme.

The curriculum I created was thus based on over twenty years of research, experience and study into meditation, yoga, Psychosynthesis, counselling, emotional health and wellbeing, the importance of purpose and meaning in life, the idea of non-physical realms and transpersonal experiences of all kinds. The success of the Amazing Lyfe Project, which ran in a Wirral Secondary school over three years, with a large group of pupils, and the beneficial effects it had upon the participants, as well as the adults who have attended my classes and workshops over the last eight years, motivate me to continue and improve this work.

I have now moved the focus of my work into personal and group therapy. I have found that spending time regularly in the company of others who share a similar desire for meaning, growth, and healing, who wish to live more deeply, more fully in the moment, authentically, and from a heart and soul centred place is deeply healing and essential for my own wellbeing. I decided I would like to SHARE the depth of this experience with others by creating easily accessible and affordable, supportive groups to teach these tools for wellbeing.

With love and blessings,
Hara xxx
Hara Willow MSc, ACOH, Cert Couns, MYAI


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For 30 years, Jan was a leader and manager in the financial arena of the Oil and Gas Industry, until realizing that to best heal and support her authentic self, she was to follow her path in expressing herself creatively, and support others in their healing and growth.
Jan studied for over nine years with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis, which offered her tools for healing through emotional awareness and creating authentic power. She became a Usui Reiki Master, Karuna ® Reiki Master, Acutonics Tuning Fork Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and practitioner of many other healing modalities, offering broad and varied practices of holistic healing to her clients.

She began exploring shamanism and was fortunate to have several brilliant teachers, including Beth Beurkens, Betsy Bergstrom, Jose Louis Herrara, and has completed several practitioner classes, as well as a two year teacher program with Sandra Ingerman.

Jan holds a doctorate in metaphysical sciences, is a certified yoga instructor, and most recently has published her first book, The Rush Hour Shaman.

She teaches many classes and workshops in meditation, yoga, shamanism and healing and has a thriving healing practice in Cochrane, Canada.

Dr. Jan Gale Msc.D

Author of The Rush Hour Shaman.

Dr. Jan Gale Msc.D

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Sacred Spaces

Creating and sharing sacred space is our speciality – whether it is for the purpose of deep silence, breathwork, chant, or dance, space for healing or recovery, space for creativity, growth, spiritual exploration or transformation - we do all our work in sacred space.

Some moments, events and transitions in life are just so important that we want to honour and celebrate them, often with a few selected friends or loved ones to bear witness and accompany us on our journey. We recognise the sacred value and significance of these times in our lives and want to mark the occasion with something beautiful, meaningful and unforgettable.

If you have a special occasion you would like to celebrate in such a way, we may be able to create the space for it. For example we offer:

Intimate wedding receptions
Blessing ceremony for a marriage, civil partnership or handfast
Ceremony for celebrating the birth or naming of a child

We can create the sacred space for you and co-create the ceremony with you.

If you would like a hen night or stag night that honours the transition from single to married, or other partnership status, or want to make a meaningful start to a newly single life, we can create the perfect space for you in which to make the shift.

Other life transitions that are often sorely neglected in their value and importance in our lives include moving into adolescence, becoming a parent, entering middle age (your true power band) and the processes of dying and grieving. We can accommodate groups of friends or family who are sharing any of these journeys and would like to recognise the sacred nature of the path and discover together the opportunities and challenges that all life transitions bring.

Becoming an adult:
Adolescence and teenage retreats

We particularly want to offer adolescents the chance to learn how to manage the often intense emotional, mental, social and spiritual challenges that come up during the secondary school years and during events like the onset of puberty etc. After working for three years with 12 to 17 year olds, I have created a range of tools to assist young people in developing emotional balance and resilience, coping skills, how to manage anxiety, depression and develop self confidence and how to make good, healthy, appropriate choices that are right for them, (not their friends or family) by developing their inner guidance systems (intellect, reason, emotions, intuition, instincts etc.) and learning to trust in their intuition. These and many others skills for life are not taught in school. We, as parents, often don’t have those skills ourselves to teach to our children, or our kids don’t listen to our advice, because we are just their parents!


We can teach and support groups of 6 to 12 young people for a 3 day retreat for any young people who are about to start or are at secondary school, up to the age of 15 on these special retreats. They can be a rite of passage, a sacred space to acknowledge a time of transition and transformation and are also a really fun way to spend a few days.

Becoming an Elder:
Mid life Crisis retreats

The process of middle age is the transition into becoming an Elder. Traditionally old age was a time of wisdom, respect and power and people were not even seen as adults until in their forties. In our modern ageist times, however, it appears we are seen as adults at 18, when we still have very little life experience or wisdom and Elders are no longer honoured as they should be. It is no wonder that people can get depressed or lost in their forties and fifties. Middle age, and the “mid-life crisis” time may appear to be a scary downward slide for some, but it is also the perfect opportunity to turn your life around and discover just how amazing, joyful and powerful you can be.

Join us for a 3 or 5 day retreat and explore the uncharted depths of your creativity, try out new things, discover new talents, develop your capacity for deep, joyful and meaningful experience. Give yourself time to be ...... and uncover a wealth of amazingness within yourself you never had the chance to explore before. Your own wisdom and knowledge will guide this process!

Moving On:

Sometimes we need to let go of the past and move forward. The best way to achieve this is by learning to be grounded in the present moment. It is helpful to let go of our story, our personal history and take responsibility for what we want to create in our future – not letting ourselves be hostage to our pasts. This need can arise at any life stage or during any transitional period, in healing, recovery, after divorce or bereavement. A sacred space retreat for moving on includes ritual and ceremony, emotional and mental shifts and attitudinal changes. It may include writing, art work, song, movement, whatever you need. We offer a safe, supportive space for you to work through the letting go process. We all have things we need to let go of and doing this together in a supportive, caring environment can be tremendously liberating and joyful.

If there is a sacred space that you would like to experience and we can help you create it, please call us to discus your needs. We would be honoured to assist.

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