Sound Healing

Please see our video HERE featuring Hara Willow, a Tutor for the College of Sound Healing who introduces her work.

Having worked as a healer and shamanic practitioner for over 25 years my work expanded to include Authentic Power in 2001 and Transformational Sound Yoga in 2008.  I am passionate about sharing this effective combination of powerful healing tools with the community, so in February 2017 I opened the Lampeter Sound Healing Circle. Working in a circle to bring harmony, balance and healing for the whole group is the most BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL GENTLE and FUN way to heal together, as a community. The Sound Healing circle is rooted in heart centred connection, mindful sound and harmony.

I intend to open Sound Healing Circles in other areas around West Wales. Please contact me if you have a group that would like to participate in your area.

Sound Healing is the application of therapeutic sound, combined with the intention of healing and highest good for all. There is scientific evidence that demonstrates why sound is such a powerful healing tool. The study of the effects of sound on matter is called Cymatics, which uses sound to move and rearrange molecules. When sound waves are applied to water, sand or another fluidly moving substance (as we are mainly water ourselves we too are fairly fluid by nature) we see molecules moving and patterns emerging. The NHS already uses sound therapeutically e.g. sound waves to break up kidney stones and ultrasound to look inside the body to see tumours and foetuses in the womb.

Sound healing works because everything in the universe vibrates. The frequency at which an object vibrates is its resonance.  Our unique personal resonance is made up of the blend of all the frequencies at which our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements vibrate. A balanced harmonious vibration leads to health and imbalances and discordant frequencies lead to dis-ease. Many things can cause disharmony or imbalance leading to illness, including diet; toxins; accidents; trauma etc.

In the Sound Healing circle I share Authentic Power and Sound Healing tools, which empower participants to learn where their own imbalances are. As in 1-1 treatments I mainly work with my voice, where our intention has the most powerful influence. But I also use tuning forks, shamanic drum and rattle and singing bowls. Humans are dynamic, fluid, self-organising and self-healing. By applying a sound to restore harmony to the system we can support the self-healing process and create deep peace, connection and joy in the process.

Through the power of resonance we can also use sound to change frequencies through entrainment. Entrainment is the effect of powerful vibrations of one object causing another object to shift its frequency into synchrony with the first. This synchronisation of frequencies occurs in our own bodies all the time. We can do this consciously by slowing our breathing, which causes our heart rate and brain activity to slow down.

In shamanic sound healing we work using the medicine wheel, a shamanic map of the universe and the self. We explore our energies in relation to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self, and our relationship to Father Sky (the divine), Mother earth, our inner self and community. After an initial period of understanding the theory and practice we then go deeper into developing awareness and rebalancing our energies, connecting together, in a sacred circle.  

We use potent healing sounds combined with clear intentions to create harmony and balance, to support each other and to heal together. During group work, the facilitator sets the tone and the rest of the group synchronise with them. For example, during shamanic drumming the participants synchronise to the beat of the drum, and when chanting we entrain to the energy of the mantra or tone. Working together over time strengthens these shifts to create permanent change.

The Sound Healing Circle provides a safe, joyful, powerful and beautiful healing experience, with time for silence, stillness and mindfulness. The work enables us to bring our thoughts, feelings and bodies into harmony and balance using sound baths, drumming, chakra work and deep peace, the effects of which can be felt for days. Long term this work can reprogram our whole energy system into new healthy patterns for life long wellbeing.

For more information contact Hara on 01570 493 729/ 07790 643216