Who are we?
Amazing Lyfe is not just about Spiritual Eco Retreats - that's just our summer job.

Our main work is sharing SOUND HEALING and other tools to empower, heal and transform painful experiences into beautiful, peaceful, joyful and amazing life experiences.

These tools are related to Transpersonal Psychology and are Mindfulness based. They include things like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychosynthesis, Transformational Yoga, Authentic Power Practice (see Gary Zukav's work), Meditation, drumming and chanting (healing sound meditations).

We share these tools in Workshops; private one to one sessions; day retreats; classes and the Sound Healing Circles in and around Lampeter, West Wales.

We comprise a group of likeminded people who share a vision of combining nature, art and spiritual and emotional tools to improve wellbeing. 

We are ordinary people sharing our journey towards holistic health and wellbeing, and include therapists, artists, mystics, healers and nature lovers, as well as mums, students, professionals and young people.  Our team is slowly growing and we work cooperatively and collaboratively with each other and the local community to offer really special retreat experiences in the local area and at our centre in West Wales. We are also willing to travel around the country to facilitate classes, workshops and retreats, which we love to do.

We are regular facilitators at Wirral EARTHFEST, Transition Town events and pop up all over the country at WELLBEING EVENTS, conferences, festivals  MBS shows and healing centres.

What makes us special and unique?  
Well firstly, we walk our talk. We are all working on our own healing, growth and transformation and have been for over twenty five years. The tools we share are those that we know work. We keep our events small and person centred, which means you get the transformative experience you need, tailored for you, while still receiving all the benefits of the power of group work. We provide a safe, confidential and sacred space, so that you can have deep transformative and healing experiences if that is what you come for, or simply a chilled out and very nurturing holiday, if you come on a residential retreat.  

We are well trained and experienced in what we do, so you can relax knowing you are in safe, knowledgeable hands.  See our testimonials to get feedback from past participants!  We genuinely care about you and your experience with us, we are not all about our profit margins (we have no shareholders to keep happy). We are a sustainable, ethical, environmentally aware group of conscious healers, that run events that are low impact on the environment, high impact on your wellbeing.  

What exactly does Amazing Lyfe offer?
Amazing Lyfe has three areas of operation :


You may also wish to visit Hara’s personal site Hara Willow Healing to learn about the private healing sessions that she offers. You don't need to live locally for this, although sessions can be booked in West Wales, Hara also offers distant healing options, full details on the website at http://www.harawillowhealing.org

There is also information on this website about the origins of Amazing Lyfe as a school project and about Transpersonal Psychology, Shamanic Sound Healing and Transformational Yoga which are the foundations of Hara's healing practice.


2. RETREATS - creative, relaxing, spiritual and therapeutic
Retreats, workshops and related events for people who are already on or would like to be on a spiritual and/or personal development journey; those who enjoy spiritual or health retreats and those who enjoy creative art or nature holidays. These retreats can be purely spiritual, may be therapeutic, will always enhance your wellbeing and will bring about some level of healing, personal growth and inner transformation. We also run other events including talks, workshops and taster sessions at various other events, festivals and shows around the country. Click HERE to view our up-coming events Calendar. All the information about this side of our work is on this website. Here you can learn about and book places at our events; ECO RETREATS, talks, WORKSHOPS and private sessions.


3.  HOLISTIC WELLBEING and RECOVERY - Research, School Projects, Community Events.
We also run therapeutic events including private practice one to one sessions; Recovery and Healing retreats, workshops, talks etc. to improve health and wellbeing in the community. These include working with vulnerable and marginalised members of the community such as those in Recovery from Mental Health problems, Addiction, victims of Violence, abuse, homelessness and Asylum Seekers. 
If this is the area of our work that you are interested in please go to the MENTAL HEALTH/RECOVERY tab on the main menu. There is also information about the Amazing Lyfe Project for schools, transpersonal psychology and research on the AML Project under the RESEARCH tabs.