Create your own Retreat

Create your own retreat

We don't just offer facilitated retreats that we have created. You can design your own retreat. You may simply want a silent retreat for yourself or a group of friends. Or, perhaps you like some of the things we do and would like us to tailor make a retreat specifically designed around your particular needs and interests.

For example, you may like the idea of a meditation and nature based retreat, with bird watching and a trip to the Red Kite centre, a dolphin watching trip to Newquay, and a few nights around the fire star gazing. Or, perhaps a totally nature based retreat with all your meals provided and time to walk and explore the wonders of our secluded valley.

You might like to have a weekend trying out different spiritual practices to see what fits you and none of our facilitated retreats quite hits the spot!  Just call us or email to discuss and we’ll see what we can do.

A design your own retreat might include a mix of any of the following:

Healing, bird watching, walking, drumming, meditation, chanting (sacred mantra), tools for depression, trips to the beach, glamping in the tipi, star gazing, massage, log fires, Yoga,  in a variety of forms -(karma yoga – working on the land/nada yoga, working with sound/ bhakti yoga – time for devotion and prayer), energy work, singing, dance, painting, poetry writing, shamanic journeying, solitude, peace, group work, story telling, stress busting, tools for emotional health, Silence, stillness.
One thing is offered on all our retreats – we will do our best to spoil you without spoiling the earth! All retreats are designed to nurture every part of you while honouring the earth and our environment.Physically we offer a gorgeous location, low impact, sustainable and Eco-friendly glamping accommodation and facilities and delicious, nutritious meals. 

Mentally and emotionally we create for you beautiful, relaxing, healing experiences that uplift and de-stress you as well as sharing with you tools to improve your health and wellbeing.  

Spiritually we help you to experience deep connection and communion with a meaningful reality, whatever that is for you – it could be nature, the divine, a sacred space, your own soul, or the open, loving hearts of other people.

Contact us HERE to discuss your exact requirements and we will design a Retreat for you!