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The Sound Healing Circle is an 8 week sound healing journey round the medicine wheel, which is a shamanic map of the universe and the self. We explore our energies in relation to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self, and our relationship to Father Sky (the divine), Mother earth, our inner self and community.

After an initial period of understanding the theory and practice we then go deeper into developing awareness and rebalancing our energies, connecting together, in a sacred circle.   We will be working together to bring about harmony, balance and healing for the whole group. The work is shamanic and rooted in heart centred connection, mindful sound and the restoration of inner harmony. 

The powerful healing tools include a mix of Sound Healing, Transformational Sound Yoga, Sacred Drumming, Sound Baths, Authentic Power practice, Chanting, Mantra and Shamanic Journeys exploring our own unique inner worlds in relation to the elements, the seasons and the qualities of the medicine wheel, spiralling deeper every 8 weeks as a healing journey. You can go as slow and as deep as you wish and attend as many spirals as you would like.

Every 8 weeks we will begin a new spiral, going deeper into harmony, balance and health. You can take one trip or many. 

This will be a safe, sacred space for healing, community support, sharing and laughter.


Please book via Hara Willow either call on 01570 493 729 text on 07790643216 or email me 

For more information about Hara Willow and healing please visit

Places are limited.

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