Sound Healing, Shamanic Journeying and Sound Yoga at Dance Camp Wales

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Sound Healing tools for young people to support and develop confidence and a strong sense of Self.  Heart Space - for emotional intelligence and balance, Mind Matters - for mental focus, calmness and clarity (great for treating depression and anxiety and improving studying and learning) and Hara Experience - developing greater awareness of intuition and guidance (improves trust in self and the universe). 

MANTRA (mind tools using sound) for empowerment, regulating the whole energy system; mind, body and emotions; for cleansing blocks to peace and happiness; raising your vibration and for integration and balance.



Using the shamanic drum to guide you we will journey into non ordinary reality to meet your spirit helpers and power animals. We will travel on the beat of the drum via the world tree to explore beautiful landscapes with animals, angels, fairies, deities, symbols, colours or simply feelings, depending on what you need right now. Some of these helping spirits may be waiting for you to invite them into your life. 

This workshop is for beginners and the more experienced. Bring a pen and paper to write down your experiences, something comfortable to lie on, a pillow and blanket for warmth and comfort and scarf or something to cover your eyes. 


Using Mantra, breathwork and movements we will explore the use of sound for healing the self and creating the life you choose. 

We will use Shabda (from Vedic yoga), Shakti (from Tantric yoga), Bhava (from Bhakti yoga) and Nada (from Hatha yoga) streams of Naad Yoga.  I will show you how to work on your own energy system to cleanse, balance and raise the energy in your chakras. I will then show you how to connect to a few well chosen archetypal energy forms which will protect and empower you on your path. We will then immerse ourselves in the vibration of love and devotion, followed by deepening into the silence and stillness within, where we may encounter the divine source of all being.

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