Shamanic Sound Healing taster day & 8 Week course

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Workshop 1 - Introduction to 8 week Shamanic Sound Healing course.

This is the first stand alone  workshop beginning a new eight part course coming to Merseyside in spring 2018. 

If you, or anyone you know, are stuck in any patterns of pain, grief, stress, anxiety or depression and wish to turn your life around, then this sound healing circle course is for you. 

This course is also for you if you would like to explore your inner world more deeply and discover your authentic self. If you are looking for a journey of self discovery and self mastery these few weeks will give you tools and support to assist you.

The sound healing circle work is based around a Shamanic healing tool called the medicine wheel. A medicine wheel is a mandala, a mirror of the self and the universe. We will move around this wheel looking at different aspects of ourselves, deepening our relationship with our true inner nature. As the journey progresses you will develop a deeper understanding of your own consciousness, your strengths and weaknesses, where you are stuck or blocked, your authentic powerful nature and your incredible potential. You will learn tools to help you discover your OWN path to living an amazing life, rooted in the expression of your authentic Soul self. These tools, if you use them, will enable you to escape from the habitual reactions of the defended and wounded ego self and the messages you have been told about yourself by the external world.

The course is designed, over eight sessions, to help you explore and understand what parts of your personality are open, loving and trusting and where you are stuck in fear and doubt. It will then provide you with the tools and support to begin to transform those patterns so that you can live with greater balance and inner peace. This literally means removing patterns of fear, guilt, shame and pain from your energy system; including fearful thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and replacing them with the higher vibrational patterns of love and trust, openness and acceptance.

The structure of the course will include three additional one day workshops. The first, "An Introduction to Amazing Lyfe", will be a taster day, giving you an experience of the type of work we will be doing on the 8 week course. YOU CAN BOOK TO DO JUST THIS ONE DAY. Then at the end of that workshop you can decide whether or not you wish to sign up for the whole course.

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